Hash Sense | Policy

Your privacy is very important to Hashsense. For using our service we might require you to input your sensitive information such as Email address, name, etc.

Personal Information Collection

This includes collection or using the following data

1- Email address
2- Name
3- Information regarding any sort of transaction
4- Any other information required for the purpose of our service

Using the Information

1- All information collected will only be used/contained/maintained for our personal use
2- Hashsense might send you Emails for promotion of our service, but we will never spam

Securing your data

1- Hashsense will take reasonable action to protect your information provided
2- Hashsense will never sell your data to third party
3- In case, we reach a point where we have to dissolve our site, all the data we have will be deleted


Advertisement is solely based by third party and Hashsense is not responsible for any ads served. However, we will make sure no malware or harmful advertisement is being displayed on our site